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The FOUNDATION is proud to offer several innovative programs in partnership with UCF!  Leveraging the great resources of the second largest university in the country, we are able to provide programs that not only use technology to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, we also have some of the most innovative minds and research teams working with our kiddos and their families to succeed in all stages of life. Every year the programs get better for our families and the students attending UCF who benefit from learning along side our members.

iCan Communicate
is designed to facilitate communication for individuals with Down syndrome that have limited speaking ability by using the iPad.   In partnership with UCF, FAAST Atlantic Region Assistive Technology Demonstration Center and UCF Communication Disorders Clinic, The Foundation is taking advantage of the latest technology, local expertise and excellent University of Central Florida team to provide a meaningful and innovative program to bridge the communication gap for individuals who are non-verbal or have limited communication ability.   Learn more here.

iCan Bike!
is our annual Bike Camp held in the summer which teaches ANYONE over the age of 9 who does not know how to ride a 2 wheel bike how to ride.  This program is open to anyone in the community. We serve 40 riders each summer, of which typically half have Down syndrome. 
To learn more about this program visit the iCan Bike! page.

iCan Exel!
This is the FOUNDATION'S newest program designed for tweens and teens! iCan Excel offers youth the opportunity to get moving and have fun. Our participants learn mindfulness and judo (a form of martial arts) in a supportive and creative environment. The goal of the program is to each exercise as an effective way to manage and reduce stress levels and develop effective coping strategies.  These tools will lead to more positive implications for learning as well as increase resiliency. There is a required parent program for anyone who has a child registered in iCan Excel.
Learn more about this program here.

iCan Learn!

This program is designed for children who are just entering or about to enter the school system.  We partner with UCF and work with students who are entering the teaching profession who help our families with tools and resources focused on research based methods proven to help our children learn to read and do math.  New to the program in 2017, is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) component to provide more hands on learning and skills geared for the 21 Century and beyond.  This program has components for both the parents and the youth, which are held simultaneously, one Saturday a month on the UCF campus.
Learn more about this program.

College & Career Prep
College?  Really?  Yes!  UCF is one of over 400 universities and colleges across the country who offer a post-secondary program for individuals with unique abilities.  Not everyone knows if they are ready or even what skills may be needed to attend a university. With this in mind we created a program that offers individuals who are 16 years and older the opportunity to explore life at UCF one Saturday a month.  This program is not only for those who may want to explore a college experience, it is beneficial for anyone who wants to continue to learn and develop skills that will help them be successful in the community.  Participants and UCF students explore various parts of community life from navigating campus to building a budget to exploring healthy eating and exercise options. There is a presentation for the young adults as well as speakers who come to educate the parents about how to facilitate independence after high school. 
Learn more about this program here.

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