Learning skills that last a lifetime......

iCan Excel!


One Saturday a month
September 2019- February 2020

9:15am - 11:00am


$50 registration
$25 per month
Registration Required to be considered for the program*


$50 Registration
$25 Monthly (7 months) 
$175 if paid in full before first class 

iCan Excel will offer youth the opportunity
to get moving and have fun!

We are so excited to offer this very successful program for our tween / teen population. The iCan Excel! Program will be open to individuals 10-15. (To enroll the student needs to be 10 by September 1, 2019 and must be under 16 by September 1, 2019). Participants will learn mindfulness and yoga in a supportive and creative environment. Each month our members will learn exercises to manage stress levels and develop effective coping strategies which may significantly lead to more positive implications for learning as well as increase resiliency. Additionally, mindfulness and yoga practices have been linked with numerous physical benefits (improved muscle strength and endurance, increased fitness, enhanced balance and motor coordination), cognitive benefits (improvements in self-regulation, impulse-control, executive functioning, attention regulation), and psychological benefits (increased self-esteem & confidence, decreased emotional reactivity & anxiety, increased feelings of well-being).

As part of the program, parents will participate in monthly learning sessions that will help them understand the exercises their child is learning, how to implement it at home, and some other tools that will help their family as they move into the teen years.  Our focus is on a healthy mind, body and family dynamics with our youth as they start to seek and need more independence in preparation for high school, work opportunities and other social interactions that require less parental involvement.

Regular participation in both exercises (yoga and mindfulness) have been shown to lead to improvements in sleep and overall quality of life! 

Physical benefits
- Helps increase muscle strength and endurance
- Helps increase cardiovascular fitness and health
- Helps with balance and motor coordination
- Improves flexibility
- Builds core strength

Cognitive/Psychological benefits
- Improves attention and concentration (overall improvement in executive function)
- Improves mood, feelings of well-being
- Decreases anxiety
- Decreases aggression
- Increases self-confidence and self-assertiveness
- Improves communication and social interaction

The program will be done in coordination with UCF's College of Community Innovation and Education.

*100% participation is key, so please check the dates before registering. 

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