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 Talk Tools Oral Motor Clinic
Conducted by Renee Roy-Hill M.S., CCC-SLP


Talk Tools Thearapy offers traveling clinics to provide oral placement evaluations and program development.  Renee Roy-Hill will be in Orlando conducting a clinic.  A typical evaluation takes 2 hours, while the program plan update for families who have already had an initial evaluation takes 1 ½ hours. Parents and/or caregivers will be in the room for these sessions. If you are working with a therapist we recommend inviting him or her to attend as well. At the conclusion of Renee's work with your child she will offer impressions and suggestions as if he or she were one of her regularly scheduled clients. We suggest that you bring a video camera to record the evaluation, as no formal evaluation report will be written at that time. Instead, Renee will write an extensive program plan which will give you step-by-step instructions for each recommended exercise. You will receive this plan in the mail, approximately 2-4 weeks after your appointment. As you work through the program plan, any questions you or your therapist may have can be addressed to Renee via e-mail.

The cost of a follow up eval (meaning you have had one with her before) is $500 and a first time evaluation is $700 (meaning you have never met with Renee before).   

The Talk Tools program is highly beneficial, however, the evaluation is a one time visit that provides an outline for an on-going program that must implemented by a parent or speech therapists on a daily or weekly basis.  It also requires that you purchase tools (horns, straws, etc.) to implement the program.  The Foundation will provide limited scholarships for tool purchase if necessary.  It is imperative to have the time and dedication to implement the program if you are applying for an evaluation.  

 If you are not familiar with Talk Tools or Oral Placement (Motor) Therapy, you can watch the video below by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson who is the founder of this methodology.


Talk Toools Videos from Device Media on Vimeo.

You will be given the scheduling information along with your confirmation letter.  Scheduling will start soon.  To schedule an appointment you will be required to view a Talk Tools introductory video.  Please allow a couple of weeks for viewing as we have a few copies to share between new families.  Appointments will only be confirmed once the video has been viewed.

Neither The Foundation or Talk Tools process insurance forms, however, if you are covered by a program that allows you to go 'out of network' some of the cost for your evaluation MAY be covered.  It is up to each parent to check with their insurance company to see if this is possible.  We request that you do that because if it is possible to cover a portion of your expense then we can offer even more families scholarship money for the clinic.  Please note: if you have insurance and your child has any history of feeding difficulties (gagging, reflux, choking, and food aspiration/pneumonia) or you have a plan that covers Speech Therapy, the evaluation or program plan update may be covered. We recommend you verify in advance and to include a letter from your doctor when your insurance paperwork is submitted. Please be mindful that it is the family’s responsibility to contact their health provider, as Renee can only accept payment (what is not covered by the scholarship) directly from the family (in the form of a personal check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Talk Tool's Cancellation Policy

Please note the typical way the clinics work is with a “21-day cancellation notification” policy, which means they require, a minimum 3 weeks notice for any cancellation. Since our program is happening so quickly ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU CAN ATTEND.  Our goal is to keep costs down for the families, we make airline reservations approximately 1 month prior to travel so that we may take advantage of optimal travel fares.  Failure to cancel per the standard guidelines will result in a charge of $150.00. This policy is implemented in an effort to avoid further financial burden to the families who honor their commitment and the impact caused by the last-minute withdrawal of a family from the schedule.

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