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Speech Therapy Scholarship

It can be argued that speech and language therapy is the most important part of intervention services for children with Down syndrome if we wish to promote their cognitive and social development. Regardless if that is true or not, we know that one of the most important aspects of success for ANY individual is their ability to communicate. To better serve the Down syndrome community, we have partnered with five providers in the Central Florida area to offer a pilot program that offers Speech Therapy Scholarships to individuals who are in need of this service.

Experts agree that language is learned all day, every day as children are involved in communication with their family and friends and therefore the focus of successful therapy must be to share skills with parents because they will be their child's best therapist.  The purpose and goal of this scholarship program is to further the knowledge and tools parents have to best facilitate communication with their child.  The intent of this program is for the parents to participate in EVERY speech session and implement the program at home on a regular basis.  (*Adults with Down syndrome also qualify for this program.) 

There are many different ways to teach and achieve successful speech and language and we understand that every individual will have unique needs.  We have screened several Speech / Language Pathologists to come up with a list of providers that have extensive backgrounds both with individuals with Down syndrome as well as additional / specialized training in speech methods such as the Kauffman program for Apraxia, PROMPT and Talk Tools for oral motor placement.

We believe the group of therapists we have selected to partner with for our pilot program will offer both our members as well as The Foundation a good understanding of what this program should include in the future.  If your provider is not on the list and you would like them to be considered at some point in the future you can have them send their contact information to info@dsfflorida.org with Speech Therapy Scholarship Provider in the subject line.



How the Program Works:

The Speech Therapy Scholarship will cover 50% of the cost of the therapy session (up to $25 for a half hour and $50 for a full hour) for up to one hour of service per week.  The service can be 1 sixty minute session or 2 thirty minute sessions per week.  The parent or guardian must participate in the therapy session for the session(s) to qualify for payment by The FOUNDATION. If you are a new client to the provider and require a first time evaluation, we will cover 50% of that cost.  

We understand that many insurance programs do not cover speech therapy, however, we ask that your first method of payment be insurance.  This will allow The Foundation to cover the co-pay instead of the full cost of the program which will in turn allow more members to participate in the program.  

To participate in the program you will need to do the following:

1.  Contact the provider of choice (must be on the list below) to determine if they a) accept your insurance and b) have an acceptable schedule time that will work for you and c) is in a location convenient for you to attend ALL scheduled therapy sessions.
2.  Complete ALL paperwork required to become a new client of the provider you have selected (this must be done BEFORE you apply).
3.  Apply on-line.
4.  YOU MUST receive an acceptance / award letter from The FOUNDATION BEFORE you attend your first therapy session.  The FOUNDATION will not cover any costs incurred prior to the distribution of the award letter.

Approved Providers:

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