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There are numerous resources to inform, educate, involve and assist individuals, families, professionals and organizations about Down syndrome  - these are just a few:

National / International Down Syndrome Organizations

National Down Syndrome Society

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

International Mosiac Down Syndrome Association

Educational Resources

Council for Exceptional Children

Down Syndrome Education International

Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County (CA) / The Learning Program

NEW! Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a national information system funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to provide access to education literature and resources.

eReading Pro (Literacy)

Florida Department of Education

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System

Florida Inclusion Network

NEW! HEATH Resource Center (Online clearinghouse on postsecondary education for individuals with disabilities)

IEP Coaching & Advocacy

NEW! Learning Disabilities Association of America

Literacy Connections

Love and Learning (Literacy)

National Association for Childhood Development (Down Syndrome Microsite)

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

NEW!  No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)

NEW! A Nuerodevelopmental Approach to Learning

The IEP Advocate

NEW!  The Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Think College:  College Options for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities


NEW!  Tools for Students Success An assortment of helpful publications for parents

NEW! US Department of Education
                    Office for Civil Rights
                    Office of Special Education Programs

 Wrights Law

Expecting Parents

Brighter Tomorrows

Down Syndrome Pregnancy (eBook for expecting parents)

Light at the End of the Tunnel (brochure)

National Down Syndrome Congress - Expectant Parents Site

The Journey Ahead - Imagine the Possibilities (video) 

What Parents Wished They Had Known - Reflections on Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome

Health / Nutrition / Therapy Resources


A Metabolic Overview of Down Syndrome (article starts on page 3)

Beckman Oral Motor

Center for Genetic Disorders of Cognition and Behavior

Communicating Partners

Down Syndrome Health Issues

Freedom Ride (Orlando)

Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome

Hanen Program (Communication)

Health Care Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome

Non GMO Shopping Guide

NuTriVene-D Targeted Nutritional Intervention

Super Duper (Therapy / Educational Materials)

Talk Tools Oral Placement Therapy

Woodbine House

Legislative Advocacy Resources

Governor's Commission on Disabilities (FL) 

Partners in Policy

Research Related Resources


Down Syndrome Education International
Down Syndrome Research Foundation
Down Syndrome Research Online Advocacy Group
International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability
Research Down Syndrome
Standford School of Medicine Down Syndrome Resarch Center

Resources Specific to the State of Florida


Agency for Persons with Disabilities

ARC of Florida

Bright Feats (Medical, Education & Special Needs Resource/Publication)

Children's Medical Services / Early Steps

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

Florida Directory of Early Childhood Services

Hope Haven Children's Clinic

Nathaniel's Hope

Special Olympics Florida

Simply Unique Resources

NEW! AblePlay

Able Trust (Florida Governor's Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities)

Band of Angles

Best Buddies International 

Disability Is Natural (People First Language)

Downs Designs (clothing)

Down Syndrome Social Network

Exceptional Parent Magazine

Einstein Syndrome - Down Syndrome with a Positive Attitude

Institute for Community Inclusion

Institutes for the Achievement in Human Potential

International Organization on Arts and Disability

Independent Living Institute

Karen Gaffney Foundation

National Association for Down Syndrome

National Council on Indepenent Living

PACER Center:  Champions for Children with Disabilities

Reece's Rainbow (Adoption, Advocacy, Outreach & Aid)

Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group

Sibshops - Sibling Support Project

World Down Syndrome Day (3/21)

Spanish Language Resources

12 Claves para la autonomia de las personas con sindorme Down (brochure)

Bibloteca de Salud:  Sindrome de Down

Down España

El Sindrome Down

Medline Plus - Informacion de Salud:  Sindrome Down

*The organizations and resources on this page are for informational purposes only DSFF does not endorse or promote any of them for any reason other than to provide access to useful resources in a consolidated area.   If there are any resources we have missed that would be helpful to this community, please send the information and link to

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