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A Neurodevelopmental Approach to Learning
and Developmental Challenges

For over 60 years, the neurodevelopmental approach to working with learning, mobility, speech, language, processing and attention deficits has been offering hope to parents of children who have received a variety of labels. Whether the label is ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabled, CAPD, PDD, autism or Down syndrome, it doesn’t matter. Individuals trained in the neurodevelopmental approach look at the root causes, develop a program that addresses the root causes, train the parents to work with their child at home to address these areas and also accelerate academics to help the child maximize their potential.

The efficacy of an approach depends on the strength of the model upon which the work is based. This work is based upon two well accepted principles:

1. The brain naturally develops in an orderly, hierarchical fashion driven by environmental stimulation.

2. The fact that the central nervous system can be changed by specific stimulation - the concept of neuroplasticity which is validated in all of today's scientific literature - means the brain can change and adapt given specific inputs.

This program seeks to identify where in the developmental process gaps lie and how to provide stimulation with sufficient frequency, intensity and duration to impact the central nervous system. Function is an interaction of neurological, psychological, behavioral training, nutrition, home and learning environments. The neurodevelopmental approach seeks to look at all of the pieces. Standing on the shoulders of great researchers and people that have worked in this field for decades, we are honored to have many methods and techniques that help individuals surpass the expectations of the labels.
Kay Ness is a neurodevelopmentalist, certified by ICAN, International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. Inspired by the birth of her son, she became involved in the neurodevelopmental work in 1985. She has evaluated and designed home programs for families with children with varying abilities ranging from severe brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, PDD, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, visual and auditory processing deficits, normal and accelerated, from birth to people in their 90’s. By addressing root causes of learning and developmental gaps, Kay has helped many many families help their loved ones reach levels of achievement that was thought impossible. She is approved by HSLDA as an educational consultant for students who are in exceptional learning programs (special needs).

To schedule an appointment for your child, you must:

Read through the SENC site
Listen to the seminar audio (on SENC website)
Complete the History and Application form and send to SENC

Kay or her assistant will call to schedule the appointment time. A confirmation letter and map will be sent to you upon scheduling the appointment.  Once you have been approved for an appointment The FOUNDATION will approve your scholarship request. 
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