Swim throughout the year!

Last year, the
Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida
and the
Track Shack Foundation
partnered to offer swim scholarships, providing nearly 400 hours of lessons to children with Down syndrome.   Each year the number of scholarships and hours of pool time for our members increase significantly.  This program not only provides great sport and recreation - it is saving lives!

Due to the outstanding success of our fundraising efforts, The Foundation has expanded our Swim Scholarship to include ANY swim provider of your choice!  

Aquatic exercise has been shown to benefit those with unique abilities in many ways:

- Increasing spacial awareness and coordination
- Strengthening and toning muscles
- Improving flexibility and range of motion
- Water buoyancy gives freedom from gravity
which removes stress from joints and pressure points
- Provid an equalizer with social peers

Scholarships for any program are being accepted now. 


Certified Adaptive Aquatics swim instructor and Foundation member, Sandi Ebben, has created the Lucky Fin Swim School to help swimmers of varying ages and abilities develop their water safety and swimming skills based upon American Red Cross standards.  Lucky Fin instructors are positive, encouraging and patient - they know we are all unique and learn at different speeds.   If you are interested in more in formation about this program please visit their website by clicking here.

What Parents Are Saying....

Our daughter participated in the "Lucky Fin Swim" program over the summer and this has given her much more confidence in the water.  Thanks to the competence and patience of the instructors our daughter benefited tremendously from the physical activity and the strengthening of her overall muscle tone.  I think that opportunities to move and learn specific athletic skills in a fun way such as this swimming class are a perfect addition to the regular therapy that children with Down Syndrome already receive on a regular basis.  Moreover they are fun and offer them a chance to socialize with other children, especially if these opportunities are offered also to typical friends.
Thank you so much for these wonderful programs and I am looking forward to engaging her in more activities and similar programs in the future.

Our daughter was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for swim lessons through DSFF this past summer for which my husband and I are extremely thankful. Most of the lessons we researched were out of our budget. Janelle and Sandi were our instructors and they did a fantastic job making sure all of the children in our group lessons were comfortable and happy. Some days of course were better than others (our daughter was a little uneasy the first few weeks) but slowly she progressed and learned some great new skills. My husband and I were both welcomed to be a part of the weekly lessons as well which made her feel safe and us more confident knowing what we needed to work on at home. Just because our daughter has Down Syndrome, we do not feel that she should be any less included in typical activities children her age are involved in. Learning to swim we feel is no different, living in Florida we feel it is imperative. My husband and I now have the foundation - thanks to the lessons - to continue to expose our daughter to he water with hopes she will continue to progress and next summer be jumping off of that diving board!
Thank you again to the DSFF for all you do for our children!!

We were very happy to receive the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida scholarship for the Lucky Fin Swim program.  Swimming is a very important skill for any child to learn, especially in Florida with all the water! When a child has Down syndrome there are added benefits for strengthening and coordination that can help the child long term. We plan on continuing our son's swim lessons (water therapy) in the future. I was very happy to see him kick and climb successfully out of the pool.


It was very helpful to have the semi-private lesson for our son, since it was challenging to get him to accept the water (especially if it was cold). The instructors were really helpful taking over with him when needed. Janelle and Sandi are fantastic instructors, and have a gentle approach which both my son
and I appreciated! Thank you once again for the scholarship

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