Changing lives one day at a time....

July 28- August 2, 2019
Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL

Volunteer application below

If you know of a group or other individuals that may be interested in volunteering we would love for you to share our VOLUNTEER Flier.  This is a great opportunity for team building while helping the community - places of employment, church groups, sports teams, high schools and Boy/Girl Scouts are all wonderful groups that will not only benefit as individuals but also as a cohesive team working with others.   Individual volunteers are also GREAT - so if you have a place you can post this (at work, school, church or your FB page) please help us spread the word.  Thank you for your interest and assistance - we cannot do what we do without our volunteers!

Making a difference in their lives 
will make a difference in yours.


The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida is a volunteer run organization and we need YOUR help to make this camp a success.  We decided to host our first iCan Bike Camp  in 2012 because as parents of children with Down syndrome we knew this would be an extremely rewarding project.  We couldn't have been more pleased - not just with the participant experience but also for the volunteers.  Many of our volunteers have told us that it was one of the best volunteer events in which they had EVER participated.    We are looking forward to another great week of learning to ride because we know what an AWESOME EXPERIENCE this is for EVERYONE involved.

Historically, more than 80% of participants that attend iCan Bike camps are able to balance on a two wheel bicycle by the end of the five day camp. These participants experience a new found freedom and sense of accomplishment which infuses them with confidence that spills over into many other areas of their lives. They are able to participate in an age appropriate activity just like their peers and families are able to enjoy a fun activity together. But the benefits go beyond the participants, as the volunteers and camp staff are swept up in the accomplishment of the participants and find themselves changed by their new found admiration of the courage and character of the riders.

What is involved in volunteering at a iCan Bike camp?

There are many ways to volunteer at our camp!  The most needed role is that of the "Spotter".  This is someone who will be paired with a rider for the week to help encourage them and guide them as they ride their bike.   This role requires a bit of physical endurance as it includes walking / light jogging for up to 75 minutes.  Each rider is assigned 2 Spotters so there is an opportunity to take a break during the 75 minute riding session.  Ideally, this volunteer 'role' will come for one session each day for all 5 days of the camp.  This routine allows for the rider to have a sense of trust, confidence and consistency in their riding experience.  If you are unable to come for 5 days in a row, please apply anyway and we may be able to use you as a fill in / break Spotter.  If physical endurance is not your specialty but you would still like to be part of our camp we are looking for an Admin Assistant and a Volunteer Coordinator to help us with the logistics of the camp.   We will also have a few roles that help with water breaks and our training session on Sunday evening.  Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and be a part of this rewarding experience!

If you would like to have a more "hands-on" role with our camp, we have a few spots open on our Steering Committee.  This committee will meet 4-6 times between April 1 and July 30 to finalize sponsors, donations, activities and details of iCan Bike in Orlando!  

To inquire about the roles / responsibilities of the Steering Committee or submit your name and relevant experience (none required) for consideration, please contact

If you think your organization may want to help with a financial contribution or sponsoring lunch for our riders/volunteers we also have sponsorship opportunities available.  You can send inquires to 

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