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 The FOUNDATION Educational Scholarship Program
Awards given each semester: January, May, September

The FOUNDATION Educational Scholarship Program is designed to be a short term assistance program to help meet educational goals or academic deficiencies outside of the normal educational or classroom environment. This program is not designed to provide full time academic tuition or support. The scholarships will be awarded each semester for up to four months of tutoring.

To apply for this scholarship your child must be five or older, and you must have already identified an organization or individual or professional who will work with your child. As part of the application process, you will need to provide a summary of the area that will be worked on, and the goals and benchmarks the individual will be using to successfully measure the tutoring, class or assistance your child will receive. At the conclusion of the funding, The FOUNDATION will require a written report by the provider of the progress made as well as a testimonial of how the experience impacted the scholarship recipient.

If there is an additional cost associated with the evaluation of your child prior to enrolling them in a program or with a tutor that you are unable to pay in order to submit your academic plan, you can send in a request for that amount to
info@dsfflorida.org for consideration prior to your application.
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