Bowl-a-thon FAQs

We know your list of questions has just begun!  Check back here to find all the answers once the Bowl-a-thon is up and running!

When can I register my TEAM and start fundraising?
             NOW!!! REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Register here.
 What is included with my TEAM registration?
Designated team lane and shoes for each BOWLER
Two games per BOWLER (all games end at 4:00 pm)
One official 2020 Tour of Champions Bowl-a-thon t-shirt per BOWLER
One door prize drawing entry ticket, per BOWLER One ticket per $100 raised for Bowl-a-thon prize drawings
Pizza and drink for EVERYONE

How do I register bowlers for my Team?
If you have started your TEAM, you can add bowlers from your DASHBOARD
                Log in and then go to MY FUNDRAISING TOOLS / MANAGE REGISTRATIONS
                will be on the left hand side bar.
                If your TEAM has reached $200 in donations by 12/31 you will receive your

Can I have more than one lane if I have more than five bowlers?
There is a limit of 5 BOWLERS per team. If you have more than five BOWLERS,                       you will need to form two separate teams.  (Exceptions for immediate family will be

How do I know who has signed up as a BOWLER for my TEAM?
They will register (or you can register them) on the bowl-a-thon site.  You can see
                them under the Manage Registrations on your DASHBOARD or on your TEAM

What if I have less than five BOWLERS?
If we have a BOWLER who does not have a TEAM, we will ask to add him/her to                     your TEAM.

Can I order extra shirts for members who are not bowling?
Yes, you can order extra shirts for $8 by visiting our EVENT STORE

How do I know who has donated to my team?
Your TEAM Page will have links to donations and donors.

How do I edit my fundraising page?
The instructions are on our CAPTAIN'S CORNER page

What if I get cash or a check?
To get money posted to your TEAM, please record it on your team page by
                 going to the DONATION CENTER (left hand side of your DASHBOARD) and click  
                  on add cash or check at the bottom of the page. It will not
                 show on your page until you mail it to
                 The Foundation PO Box 533462, Orlando, FL 32853
                 Once we have received your funds, they will be posted to your totals.

Do donors receive donation confirmations or acknowledgements?

Yes, when a donation has been successfully completed, the donor will receive a   thank you email confirmation (based on the information the donor provided on the donation form). On their credit card or bank statement, the donation will show up as QGV.DownSyndromeFoundat.

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