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Down syndrome is a genetic condition that appears in one of every 691 live births. It is the most common chromosomal disorder and causes delays in physical and intellectual development. Individuals with DS have 47 chromosomes instead of the typical 46. This unusual cell division happens immediately at conception, regardless of race, nationality, religion or socioeconomic status. Despite the extra chromosome, people with Down syndrome are more similar to you than they are different. They each have talents and interests that deserve both opportunity and encouragement. People with DS share the same desire for a full, happy life just like any other member of the community. You will find them attending school, enjoying work and contributing to society in many wonderful ways.

Through medical treatment, neurodevelopmental exercises and biomedical intervention, the future of people with DS is changing. Exciting new research helps us understand and uncover clever ways to address the condition. And, since these individuals have similarities to those with Alzheimer's Disease, scientists have taken a renewed interest in finding treatment for dementia in both populations. Researchers are working to improve, correct or prevent many of the problems associated with the diagnosis.

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