Impacting lives, changing the community!


Community Champions

Meet 21 individuals who have made a difference in helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full POTENTIAL.  Professionals, teachers, friends, coaches and employers who are in the community advocating for individuals with Down syndrome. These are very special Community Champions that see the value in offering OPPORTUNITY which ultimately opens doors to SUCCESS!


Individuals Awarded as Community Champions:

Roy Barnes
Blue Space Consulting
Jenny Brodnax
Community Volunteer

Charlie Brodnax
West Orlando Rotary Club

Debra Beckman
Beckman & Associates

Lisa Dieker
Exceptional Education, UCF

Sandi Ebben
Lucky Fin Swim

Michael Frumpkin Ph.D.
College of Health and Public Affairs, UCF

Debbie Gelinas
IEP Coaching & Advocacy

Rodney Gutierrez
Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau

Andy Hawkins
Little League Coach

Pam Lindemann
The IEP Advocate

Joy McGinty
Southwest Aquatics

Jonathan McIntire
Independent Educational Consultant

Tina Mundelein
Parent / Advocate

Keri Negib
Arnold Palmer Hospital

Kay Ness
Southeastern Nuerodevelopmental Consultants

Terry Pappy

Dr. Lynda Pollack
Arnold Palmer Hospital

Desiree Robles
Bishop Grady Villas

Lori Reinneck
St. Margaret Mary Church

Paul Sheck
Shutts & Bowen LLP
Little League Coach
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