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Is there someone special, a true champion, in your loved one's life that has really made a difference in helping them achieve their full POTENTIAL ?  Is there someone who you know is out in the community advocating for individuals with DS regardless of where they are or who they are with?  Is there someone who sees your loved one's dreams and passions and is there to offer them the OPPORTUNITY to achieve them?
We would like to share your SUCCESS story and recognize these individuals as part of World Down Syndrome Day 2011. 

On 3.21 the board members and volunteers of The Foundation will be delivering a recognition award to 21 outstanding Champions nominated by our membership.  In addition to their award of recognition they will be featured on our website (with their permission) as true Champions in their role in the community.  We believe that it is important to share the vision of those who see the world a bit more perfectly because they are part of the life of your family / loved one with Down syndrome.  We look forward to making this an annual event and growing the list of Champions in our community day by day, year by year! 

Nominate your 3.21 Champion for 2011

Nominations will be accepted until 3.18.11 for the 2011 awards.  Please fill out this application one time per individual (you may nominate more than one person).   We look forward to hearing about YOUR Champion!

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